Artist Ronald Baers, Architect and Urban Designer

Ron Baers lives in Central Coast, California. His interest in panoramas started 30 years ago, as a way to illustrate large-scale places and buildings, which cannot be captured with a single frame. He spent an 18-month sabbatical in Southern France (2002 – 2004) where he experimented with photo panoramas combined with painting.

Photo, photo-painting panoramas and one-point perspective collages on corrugated cardboard and mat board, with pen and ink and gouache. Reproductions are Giclee and light jet prints on photo paper.

I am interested in capturing an expanded point-of-view, which provides a unique perspective beyond what the eye can see. As one scans the horizon, the eye is taking in fragments of the view, and then assembles these multiple images in memory. I hope that by assembling these fragments the viewer gains an image of the whole.Ron Baers