About Printing Materials

All pieces are offered on Giclee. We use the renowned “Better Light” digital scanning system for astoundingly accurate high-resolution scans with color recognition and sharpness that far exceeds film! Even better, it costs much less! There’s no wonder this is the system museums employ to copy their collections. We can reproduce originals up to 96″ x 102.” Giclee is far beyond that of lithography, and details are crisper.

We use the finest six ink printers for large format printing. Our printers are optimized with inks that are specifically intended for use in fine art printing. Sizes up to 63 inches wide by 40 feet in length are possible. Our printers are extolled for their ability to produce exceptional fine art giclees, and tout some of the smallest spray nozzles available anywhere. What’s more, we use stable, archival, pigmented inks, not dye based inks often found in most printers. This allows us to offer reproductions on neutral pH,100% cotton rag watercolor paper as well as many other fine art papers and canvas. Independent testing shows UltraChrome pigmented inks offer upward of 80 years lightfastness.